"I like being misunderstood"

7 layer stencil, spray paint
60" x 40"  canvas

The first in the 5' portrait Love Me Anyways series. The idea behind this series is to call to attention that fact that there is really no such thing as a "good" or a "bad" person, we are all intricately complicated, and although we often isolate each other through shame and judgement, our human struggles are actually what connect us. I keep getting asked why I chose Lil Wayne. I watched a documentary about him a while back that really shifted the course of my life. Most people, including myself go out into life trying to figure out where they fit in and what edges they need to shave down or hide to fit into pre-molded shapes in the world the world. Not him. He went out into the world, even as a kid, as just such a solid shape and let the world mold around him. As a misfit, that inspired the fuck out of me. You can love someone and be touched by the messages in their life whether you live the way they do or not.

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