Based on original artwork by PADHiA
Solid Hand Finished Pressure-Cast Resin  
12" x 10" x 10" (Width-Height-Depth) 
Each color is a limited edition of 10 
Handmade matching drawstring pouch
Etched Signature and Number
COA Included
15 lbs.

Contact for private showing in West Hollywood or check out the photos of original artwork and street piece, as well as my IG Highlights to see process. 
Free US shipping

Booklet includes the Prayer of The Gangsta Buddha:

i. Gold Chain
May you wear your worth like pure Gold. The things that make you feel tarnished are simply life’s treasures, to be discovered once you cleanse them of the pain.

ii. I Mara Tattoo
May you remember that things that make us suffer are really the same, just distractions from the Light.

iii. Middle Fingers Mudra
‘Mudra’, a Sanskrit word, means a symbolic hand gesture that has the power of producing joy and happiness. It has been proved that regular practice of mudras not only contribute to one’s overall good health but can be used as a preventive measure as well.  The Middle Fingers as a mudra: May you deflect the bullsh*t . You are the Keeper of your inner Light, only let in the things that help it Shine brighter.

iv. The Tattoos
 May you wear your story like tattoos. Surface decoration, nothing that defines you deeper.... Fully tatted 360 degrees, the Gangsta Buddha features many subtle details like lotus blossoms, a PADHiA with signature star, the phrase : "Be The Change Sucka" and "Blesssed".

v. Los Angeles Chest Tattoo
May you always lead with the courage to Go Forth, pursuing the truest callings of your Heart.

vi. Beaming Smile
May you remember the reason we are here is Joy... his beaming smile is a reminder to accept the invitation to Joy that is presented anew in each clear and sparkling moment.