Filthy Glittering Soul Custom painted denim jacket. Available in solid indigo glitter or multi-color fade of your choice. We will contact you with 24 hrs of your order to confirm jacket style, size, and color. (And glitter color, if multi-color fade is chosen.) These are hand painted to order, please allow up to 14 days for shipping. 

I hope you can hold in your heart the bigger picture of your own self-
A tender and fragile soul for whom the world is too sharp and piercing sometimes, and in those moments learn to soothe yourself and seek a real comfort out in life instead of turning on yourself. Abandoning your own self in times of darkness is the most tragic thing you will ever endure. In those moments you truly have nothing at all. I hope you can feel love and reverence for the sweet soft being inside of you and show mercy on it... help it to a place of ease with warmth and compassion. Grow to understand wtf that even means. I hope you can fall into a deep love with the universes within yourself, all the infinite miracles that must occur in every single moment of your life to keep you healthy and functioning to have a moment or thought or an inspiration or the urge to breathe in and here with the rest of us. You are living a million miracles in every moment of life and I hope that thought can carry you to safety when you feel like don't have to strength to do it for yourself. I hope you can guide yourself to chase real highs, even just a quiet moment of savoring pure miracle of who you have chosen to be and what you have chosen to do in this life without being asked or told. Stare yourself in the eye  and maybe greet THAT person for the first time. Feed your ego, it needs a meal. Sometimes we can only really know who we are by trying out who we are not and honor that mischief maker within that's not afraid of that darker route. It's where you discover the best secrets anyway.  There is so much to get high on within yourself and in this world. I hope you can hold cultivate those connections and learn to strengthen them. I hope you can lose the story of being damaged or broken. You are a million things and a million stories, none of them that. Some people's pieces are just all jumbled and don't lay flat and that is so that the light can catch off of them in a special way and bounce off into the universe in all different directions... because that is what the world needs more than anything. Chaos is a birthplace not a source of shame .

Forgive yourself. Love yourself. luv, p

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